Welcome to the gallery of your favourite Metro Radio presenters.  Many of the photographs were produced by the station for promotional purposes, mainly for distribution to listeners at events, or when they contacted the station for such photographs.  A superb event in the 1970s, where Metro Radio always had a large promotional presence and marquee was the Tyneside Summer Exhibition.  One could always leave with carrier bags full of promotional items from the station, and listen to, and participate in programmes broadcast from the Exhibition.

Metro Radio Presenters: The 1970s










                               Charles Harrison, Sports Editor                     Dave Gregory

                       Johnny Jason                                                  Giles Squire

 Reverend Joe Poulter                 Maggie Mash                           Mike Taylor

                                      Big Phil                                                          Peter Wraight

                Mike Taylor and Dave Roberts                             Neville Wanless

James Whale presenting
'Night Owls'
Other presenters in the 1970s and early 1980s included Don Dwyer, Harry Rowell,Clive Champney, Neville  Wanless, Denise Robertson, Graham Courtney, Peter Slater, and the Reverend Joe Poulter.
Presenter of Metro Radio's Pop 30 chart show was Dave Gregory and the Reverend Joe Poulter, presented  Songs For a New Day religious programme in the late 1970s.

Len Groat goes north, leaving Swansea's hospital radio service Radio City
for the Metropolitan Broadcasting Company in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
South Wales Evening Post, May 24, 1974.
Metro Radio/Metro FM Presenters: The 1980s and 1990s

When viewing these images, you may remember that in March 1989, Metro Radio split its frequencies. Its FM service became Metro FM on 97.1MHz and its medium wave/AM service became GNR (north) on 1152kHz (261 metres). Full details about these changes are available on the GNR: The FM/AM Split page.

Metro Radio crew in 1985. Nicky Brown, Alan Robson, Steve Colman, Steve King, Dave Porter, Giles Squire, Richard Duncan.

Nicky Brown - Presented the evening show from 6pm till 10pm from 1985 to 1989 (latterly 8-10pm 1987-1989).  He then hosted Children's ITV and presented programmes at Capital Radio, and BBC local radio in the north.  He left broadcasting in 1991 to set up the highly successful Northern Profile PR company.  He now works for the company which bought Northern Profile.  He still lives in the north east of England with his wife and son.

Mark Thorburn – Presented The Weekday Breakfast Show, and midweek mornings before leaving for Magic 1152 next door. Also at Century FM for a while.

Steve Randall – Another former breakfast show/daytime presenter - was only about 17 when he began at Metro!  Also worked on TFM for a while. 
Luis Clark – From weekends to then become a popular regular weekday presenter 10am till 2pm.   Became a programme controller on a station in the south.
Greg Burns – Stand up comedian, presented, weekday afternoons.
David Prever – Worked at Metro during the late 80s/early 90s. 
Lee Finan – Best known working with Ingrid on 'Hits Not Homework', and Sunday mornings before Sir Jim. 
Ingrid Haagman – As well as being one half of 'Hits Not Homework', Ingrid also presented 'Dance Decades' incorporating the weekly dance chart on a Sunday afternoon. 
James King – A former presenter of 'Heart To Heart', each weekend.
Alex Rowland – Weekend presenter. Married to Samantha Rowland. 
Samantha Rowland – Another former ‘Heart To Heart’ presenter. Worked recently on Magic 1152 for a while. 
Jeff Moore – Yet another former 'Heart To Heart presenter', as well as on Dance Decades taking over Ingrid. 
Pete James – Weekend presenter.  Left about 1997.   
‘Red Hot’ Emma Scott – Weekend presenter towards the end of the 90s. 
Jon Lamb

Jon Lamb - presented the North East Night Shift
Other presenters included Mark Goodier, Gabby Logan, Jenny Powell, Jeremy Vine, Diane Youdale and Mark Forrest.
Recent/present Presenters
Richard Allen (Saturday afternoons)
Dan Black (Sunday overnights)
Dave Campbell (Sunday afternoons)
Philippa Thomson
Anna Foster (Sunday mornings, weekday breakfast newsreader)

Great North Radio (GNR) 1152/1170 Presenters from 1989 to 1996

A full set of Great North Radio presenter head-shots are available at the Metro's History: The 90s, GNR, Metro FM and Beyond page.


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