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It's time to have another nostalgia trip, this time back to 1975 and 1978 with four commercial breaks thanks again to Neil Siddaway of Middlesbrough, Teesside. Neil has lovingly taped programmes, jingles and commercial breaks from the station and most importantly has kept them all this time, and has indeed built up a superb audio archive!

Enjoy these advertisements and if you have any material you would like to share via the Metro Radio 261MW 97VHF Tribute Website, no matter what the quality (we have ways of digitally cleaning it up!), then please don't hesitate this friendly historical website. We are starting to gain thousands of visitors many of whom are listeners and former presenters, and any material you possess I'm sure would bring nostalgic memories flooding back!

Submitting material couldn't be easier either via e-mail attachment, a free file hosting service or by post. To submit audio visual material and/or your memories or for inquiries, please contact the site here

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Metro Radio Commercials 18

The Flying Scotsman. (The Journal); Stanley Discount Superstore; Esso Extra Motor Oil; Kenwood Cook Pot; North Of England, Equestrian Centre, Stannington; Woman's World; Manpower Services Commission; Blue Boar Disco, Stanley; The Journal; Minories Car Hire; The Carpet Warehouse, Willington Quay; 1978; 6 mins 01 secs.

Metro Radio Commercials 19

.Visit Hexham; Tavaras Promo; Crossley Carpets. (Willie Rushton); Jaffa Grapefruits; Liverpool Express Promo; Clunk Click, Every Trip; Metro T-Shirts Offer. McEwans Best Scotch; Derek Thorpe, TV & Hi Fi, South Shields; 1978; 5 mins 06 secs.

Metro Radio Commercials 20
Tyneside Summer Exhibition 1975; Windowlene; Wrigley's Spearmint Gum; Viking Taxi's Jarrow; Lambton Pleasure Park, Chester le Street; Stolen Car Message; Circus, Debut Album; The Daily Express Telephone Challenge.
Maxwell's Old Time Music Hall, Tynemouth; Leach Homes; The Sunday Sun; 1975; 5 mins 35 secs.

Metro Radio Commercials 21

Spiderman, The Dragons Challenge, Film; Unipart; K. Tel; A Reason To Live, A Reason To Die, Film; Dave Gregory, Promo; Brazilian Blend Coffee; The Seven Golden Vampires, Film; Dreams, Promo. (Metro Daily); Metro Your Station, Promo;  1979/1975; 5 mins 51 secs.

More of Neil's fantastic archive of commercials and jingles is available on Time for a Commercial Break page.


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