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Well, what a refreshing smorgasbord of nostalgia we have for you in the latest tranche of programme downloads, all lovingly recorded and preserved by Neil Siddaway of Middlesbrough.

Climb aboard our radio frequency time machine on 261 and enjoy not one, but three samples of seventies radio at its very best... and all from the North East Sound!

Firstly, we have an hour of the Giles Squire Show (broadcast on a weekday between 3pm and 7pm) recorded by Neil Siddaway on August 8, 1977.

It's sobering to think that as you listen to this programme, Elvis Presley would be dead within a few days, and Kerry Packer would transform the world of cricket with his World Series.

Oh... and Freddie Laker of Laker Airlines had 'gone to the top' and obtained permission from US President Jimmy Carter to launch his Skytrain service. And President Carter himself had just visited Washington and Newcastle-upon-Tyne in order to return to his roots.

All of this news whether local, national or international covered by Metro Radio!

Giles' programme featured four hours of good music, sport and pop news, including a chance to Voice Your Choice on the latest releases. Listeners could keep up to date with road, traffic and weather reports, and a full round-up of all of the local, national and international news was broadcast between 5.30pm and 6.00pm.

Secondly we have another hour of the Dave Burrows Morning Show, complete with music, chat and information that was designed to relax you through the mid-morning.

This particular programme was recorded on Wednesday October 5, 1977. Dave's programme also included advice for those looking for a job, what's on. recipes and vegetable and meat market prices. The programme was broadcast Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 12 noon.

To put the show in a musical chronological contest for our radio nostalgia time machine, ABBA had just reached number one in the singles charts with The Name of the Game.

Finally, we have a very rare recording from Neil of the late Marc Paul, another excellent broadcaster who eventually left Metro Radio to broadcast with Iranian Radio in Tehran (joining the late John Coulson).

The excerpt below is of Marc standing in for Steve King on the Mid-Day Music Explosion while Steve was on holiday. This segment of Marc's shoe featured the best in oldies from the sixties and early seventies and was broadcast between 12 noon and 1.00pm.

So, as I've said before, if the twenty first century all seems a bit too complicated and hectic, then it's time to bookmark our Programme Downloads page, and use it as a little piece of seventies magic, if not tranquillity and peace for even more programmes!

In the meantime enjoy two whole hours of seventies Independent Local Radio (ILR) at its best courtesy of Metro Radio 261MW 97VHF, the North East Sound.

The Morning Show, presented by Dave Burrows. Air date: October 5, 1977. Duration: 48 minutes.

Giles Squire Show, Air date: August 8, 1977. Duration: 47 minutes.

The Mid Day Music Explosion, (excerpt) presented by Marc Paul. Air date: 1978. Duration: 4 minutes.


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