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Northumberland Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne was the retail centre of the north east in June, 1975.

Thanks are once again due to Neil Siddaway who has contacted the Metro Radio 261MW 97VHF Tribute website with some more commercial breaks.

So once again, it's time to delve into the anals of north east broadcasting nostalgia for another snapshot of social and economic history from a late seventies perspective on Metro Radio. Neil of Middlesbrough in Teesside has lovingly taped programmes, jingles and commercial breaks from the station and most importantly has kept them all this time and has indeed built up a superb audio archive.

Please enjoy these latest recordings, that are nearly forty years and thanks once again to Neil, of whom we're heavily indebted.

Don't forget we're approaching Metro Radio's fortieth birthday on July 14, and if you'd like to contact the website to just say "hi", recall your memories of listening to or working for Metro Radio, or to send some media for sharing, then please free to send us an e-mail here. We'd love to hear from you!

Metro Radio Commercials 28
Includes the soundtrack of an advertisment for Metro Radio itself on Tyne Tees Television. This showed a close-up of a woman's mouth miming to the different sounds of Metro Radio.
B.T. Astrophone; Oasis Bar, The Galleries; Camshaft. Pity Me; Sava Centre's Third Birthday; Metro's TV Advert; At The Mill. Mill Garages; Door Tunes Doorbell; Think, Before You Drink, Before You Drive; 1979; 5 mins 55 secs.

Metro Radio Commercials 29
Ken McKenzie Show, Promo; Radio Rentals, Colour TV; Minories, Customers Matter; Northern Gas. Gas Cooker Trade In; Windows, James Last L.P. K-Tel, Super Bad L.P.; The Big New Sound. Promo; Burton's Made To Measure Suits for £30. (WOW, yes 30 quid)' You Listen, and I Listen....To The Sound of Metro Radio; Designers & Coal Miners....To The Sound of Metro Radio; Take The Tranny on a Picnic, Promo. (Yours for The Asking ???); Sunday Supplement Programme. Promo; Weather Jingle; La Dolce Vita. Newcastle;  1975; 6 mins 32 secs.

Metro Radio Commercials 30
Irvine Motors, Newcastle; Eric Petch, Photocopiers; Makro Washington, 5th Birthday; Initial Towel Rental; Leach Homes, Home Seekers Advice; The Journal, Killer On The Loose; North Eastern Coop. Heinz Prices; Mothercare, Goes Up To Ten; Vidor Batteries; September 5, 1978; 5 mins 19 secs.

More of Neil's fantastic archive of commercials and jingles is available on Time for a Commercial Break page. 


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